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xBαsιcs ✔✔✔

Fυll иαmε: Haruki Goro Takizawa
иιckиαmε: Haru
Agε: 18
Hαιʀ: Blonde
εyεs: Brown

Dιggιиg ∿ Dεεpεʀ
﹙ pεʀsoиαlιty ﹚

⋛ lazy ⋚
⋛ playful ⋚
⋛ aloof ⋚
⋛ unmotivated ⋚
⋛ reliable ⋚

﹙ My fαvoʀιtε thιиgs﹚

☀ Sleeping
☀ Technology (Less work to do!)
☀ Having fun
☀ All the cats
☀ Wearing sunglasses
☀ Ramen & Vending Machines

﹙ Thιиgs ι cαи lιvε ωιthoυt﹚

☀ Hard work
☀ Others trying to hurt friends
☀ Living up to expectations
☀ Rejection
☀ Being insulted
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"I’m heading out! Not that you’ll answer anyway…"

With a sigh, the youth closed the door behind him. The house was filled with testosterone in the air. Not like he cared about their business actions. He was not allowed to even look at the documents much less be worthy of inheriting the family business. No, that was his four elder brothers. He was just the runt of the litter.

Haruki glanced up at the sky, but grimaced to find that the sun was still shining brightly to his dismay. It was the afternoon, however the weather had said to be slightly cloudy. Never trust the weather forecasters. He rummaged through his jean pockets and whipped out his black sunglasses as he put them on.

A grin etched itself onto lips, he could always count on his glasses to shield the unbearable rays of the sun. “That’s better. Now, off to the ramen shop.”

(The 7 sins roleplay restarted, but then it died again...)
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“Hey girl, how are you today? Yeah... well I’m alright.”

A yawn escaped the boy’s lips as he reached out to stroke his feline friend. The cat mewed in response, purring at the gentle motion. He turned his head to the side, adjusting his dark sunglasses, and smiled. It was such a peaceful day, just like any other day. Laying beneath an oak tree, Haruki felt at ease. Being shielded by the sun’s ultraviolet rays of death, it felt like he was a king of taking naps.

“You know, father scolded me again, said I wasn’t going to amount to anything unlike my brothers.” He gave a light chuckle with a hint of remorse. “Though screw him, I like my life for what it is. Nothing interesting is going on right now, why should I care?”

That was his main problem. His attention span would shift whenever it did not interest him. Though, he didn’t mind. As long as he felt relaxed, he was fine. Even if, there was always this nagging feeling, that there was something amiss. “I’ll just take another nap, all this thinking about the future is giving me a headache. Night, girl.”

“You cannot resist, so come to me Acedia, and together we shall raise hell.” That voice, there was no way he could disobey it. His eyes snapped open, the signs of weariness washed away and replaced with a muddled expression through his black glasses. Haruki stood up and walked away from his relaxing spot. The cat gave one last mew before scurrying out of sight. The young boy continued on before stopping at the sign of rose petals, his sense of control coming back to him.

“...Wha? Is there a party over here or something?”
 (This was originally an OC for this Seven Sins game on Gaia, but... it died. A friend invited me to join it and I never really roleplay OCs so it was a brief change.)


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